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Create a seamless experience for registrants

The Registration Solution empowers organizers with the necessary tools to create beautifully branded registration websites that are user-friendly, comprehensive and make for a memorable first impression. Our suite of solutions works together to create a seamless experience for registrants.

Exposoft’s Crystal Software caters to events of all sizes, large and small. Our leading technology has the flexibility to incorporate complex business rules all while maintaining a registration site that is intuitive and efficient.

When running a series of events or one large yearly event, Crystal Software users have the ability to clone events and then make the necessary tweaks. There is no need to start the configuration from scratch.

Features include:

  • Multilingual capability
  • Full search and editing functionalities
  • Monitor incomplete bookings by attaching different statuses to registrants as registration steps are completed
  • Single dashboard access for all your events
  • Contact database manager with easy categorization (guests, speakers, staff, volunteers, etc.)
  • Contact database import functionality
  • Password protected portal login for invitation only events
  • Pre-populated fields pulling from contact database
  • Integrated companion registration
  • Configuration support packages
  • Custom integration with CRM software available

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