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Crystal Lead Retrival APP

Turn prospects into customers

The Crystal Lead Retrieval App is a sophisticated technology that allows exhibitors to easily capture attendee information and turn prospects into customers more efficiently. The app is compatible with all smartphones (BlackBerry excluded) and tablets with an ideal minimum camera capacity of 5 megapixels. After purchasing a license (one license per unit), users simply download the Mobile application from the Apple or Google app stores and use their hardware device of choice to start gathering leads at your event. Leads are securely saved locally to your device and on the cloud.

Booth staff can conveniently use their own devices. All leads collected are separated by device but the company administrator can access all leads collected during the tradeshow. 

features include:

  • Capture an unlimited number of leads
  • Access your data immediately
  • Create custom qualifiers
  • Add notes to all prospects
  • Export all prospect data in CSV format
  • Email the link to the CSV file
  • Capture leads even when off-line 

Handheld Device:

Available to rent are the ZTE AXON device preloaded with the Crystal Lead Retrieval App. This device, designed for portability, is thin and light weight. This option benefits companies who prefer using a rental device(s) that gets passed among booth staff as opposed to using their personal devices.

bluetooth printer:

Handheld compact bluetooth printers are also available to rent but must be paired with the rental of the ZTE AXON device.

webservice API kit:

Webservice API KITS can also be purchased.