abstract document manager

Crystal Abstract document Manager

Enable participant document submission

The Abstracts Management Solution allows registrants to submit abstracts, presentations, or other files online. It also provides the organizers with the capacity to search, review, evaluate and categorize the submissions.


  • Real-time access for people to review/grade/judge/manage abstracts 24/7
  • Ability to name multiple contributors
  • Capacity to assign the approved abstracts to specific sessions or poster board
  • Acceptance or rejection of an abstract, with appropriate customizable e-mails to notify submitter
  • Ability to upload supporting files/documents or photographs
  • Full reporting capabilities
  • Search functionality by title, date, abstract type, author and/or subject
  • Creation of customized question sets for each abstract type
  • Controlled public access to search and view abstracts online and avoid printing
  • Customizable Abstract Scorecards can be set up to review and score each submission

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