Empower your Events

Crystal Event Management Software

Exposoft’s Crystal Software caters to events of all sizes. Our leading technology offers a suite of modules that easily integrate together to create registration sites that are streamlined and intuitive.


Create a seamless experience for registrants

Manage multiple events with single login | trigger status progression | categorize contacts | clone events | incorporate any or all Crystal features | +more

Session manager

Easily configure session/activity selection pages

Accommodate complex dependencies | incorporate multiple fee structures & business rules | track in real-time | +more

Housing & Travel

Collect and manage hotel reservations

Manage multiple room blocks | incorporate different pricing levels | reserve sub-blocks | automate inventory control | create personalized itineraries | +more

hotel booking form
screenshot of reporting module


Follow event progress in real-time

Access real-time standard smart data reports | create unlimited custom reports | filter, sort  and export results +more


Integrate with your gateway or use ours

Offer real time secure credit card processing | track payments | multiple currencies  | +more

payment gateway company logos
email broadcast screenshot

Email Broadcasting

Market your event using the most powerful outbound email delivery service

Store email-related data securely | access detailed broadcast history | trigger emails throughout registration process | create branded email templates | +more

Dynamic Badging

Create personalized event credentials quickly and efficiently

Brand with header, logos and fonts | select from a variety of templates | incorporate personalized agendas | add perforated tickets | +more

Online Surveys

Quickly design, create and publish surveys online

Configure with multiple question types | brand with banners and logos | access results in real-time | +more

Exhibitor Registration

Manage exhibitor & booth personnel registration and sell booth space

Automate badge allotment and booth staff registration business rules | sell exhibition extras | upload and access company profiles | +more

Mobile App

Enhance the attendee experience with a digital showguide

Update information in one location | custom brand | reduce printing | integrate appointment scheduler | +more

accreditation example on tablet

Accreditation & Continuing Education

Survey or scan session attendees to tabulate correlated credits

Create custom certificates or letters | incorporate credits and session breakdown | email accreditation to attendees  | +more

Rapid Reg

Process hundreds of badges in minutes

Self check-in system | scan smartphone barcode | instantly print personalized badge | +more

Abstract document ManageR

Enable participant document submission

Accept or decline with appropriate email template | assign to specific sessions or poster boards | allow public access to search and download | +more

Lead Retrival

Turn prospects into customers

Scan barcodes | capture and qualify leads | email prospects | secure cloud based storage | survey capabilities | +more

Session Scanning

Validate session attendance or measure session popularity

Scan badge barcode | validate session registration | award continuing education credits | +more