Crystal Lead Retrival

Turn prospects into customers

A sophisticated technology that allows you easily capture attendee information, turning prospects into customers more efficiently. Customer can use a traditional handheld device or the Lead Retrieval Smartphone App.

Smartphone App:

A smartphone or tablet can be used to gather leads. Users simply download the Mobile application from the Apple or Google app stores and use their hardware device of choice to start gathering leads at your event. You control the ordering process by issuing access codes manually or automatically through your website.

Features include: 

  • Supports qualifiers, notes, surveys and pictures
  • Registration database is downloaded to mobile device and updated during event
  • Registration updates can be pushed in real time
  • Users can easily generate post-show reports and graphs
  • Supports branding with the show and contractor logos
  • Contractors can manage multiple shows through a single portal
  • Can be fully integrated into existing registration and ordering systems

Handheld Device:

The AT700 is a highly versatile portable scanner that reads multiple barcode types as well as magstripe and RFID badges. Its ergonomic design allows left or right handed operation for effortless scanning and data entry. With the full colour graphic LCD display and touch screen of the AT700, navigation through the menus is intuitive and foolproof: Exhibitors simply press the icon or button on the screen to change the view or select items. They can also enter text easily by using the on-screen keyboard. You can allow exhibitors who want their leads right away to plug a USB memory key into the AT700 and download them with the touch of a button.

Features include: 

  • Full color graphic display
  • Touchscreen for intuitive navigation and data entry
  • Ability to save leads directly to USB memory key
  • Supports qualifiers or full text notes for each scan
  • Reads almost any badge: 1D/2D barcode, RFID or Magstripe
  • Long battery life – more than 30 hrs runtime
  • Runs custom surveys
  • Wireless connection to portable printer or laptop
  • Realtime delivery of scans to the web
  • Supports exhibitor Assistance Requests
  • Supports remote monitoring and messaging